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LVS Brokers has been listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by Financial Times – 3 years in a row. They partner with banks, insurers and financial institutions to help consumers in making better financial decisions. Using their AI-enriched brokerage platform, they support their partners with expanding to new markets, automating and improving processes, and building efficient APIs.
Currently, the company works with more than 30 banks and other financial organisations in the market, including both local and international players. LVS Brokers operates in Finland, Denmark and Poland – and more to come.


LVS Brokers reached out, since it was time to modernize their website to represent their position as one of the Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies. The old website was found to be stiff, difficult to update and customize, and it did not spark any wow-effects.

The structure of the website needed an update, as over the years LVS Brokers had grown rapidly to new markets and business areas. In creating the new website, one of the main goals was to properly convey the solutions and value LVS Brokers can offer to potential partners.


Creating a clear structure for the new website was crucial, as LVS Brokers offers services to several different sectors in many market areas. We invited the company’s key people for an interactive workshop to brainstorm on the ideal structure. Now, the different services and target audiences become quickly clear on the new website with the sidebar menu solution.

The visual design was created respecting the brand identity, introducing a darker theme and moving elements to bring the site alive. We created a flexible custom theme and ready-made templates, to make it easy to update and add information to the site as the business continues to grow.
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